Journal of Biomedical and Biomaterial Research

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Rajendra K. Sharma,

OM, PhD, DSc

Distinguished Professor

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

College of Medicine

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

 Aims and Scope

The Journal of Molecular Biology (JMBT) is an international peer-reviewed journal, that provides broad coverage in recent advances in all areas of molecular biology and therapeutics. JMBT invites articles that include full length research papers, short articles, commentaries, reviews and mini-reviews. JMBT is a suitable journal of choice for all who are involved in molecular and biological sciences and therapeutic research.

The scope of the journal includes the following areas of interests but are not limited to:

Molecular and chemical biology, epidemiology, epigenetics, computational biology, preventive medicine and therapy, molecular mechanistic studies, drug target identification and drug interaction studies, preclinical and clinical studies, translational research, novel experimental and computational approaches and multidisciplinary investigations, biomolecular interactions, epigenetics, gene expression and cloning, stem cells studies, protein structure and functions, therapeutic targets and functions, molecular medicine and therapeutic approaches, biomolecular interactions, signaling networks, systems biology, cell differentiation and cell death, cell signaling and regulation, DNA replication and repair, developmental and regenerative biology, mechanistic and functional studies of stem cells, chromatin structure and function, gene expression, membrane processes and cell surface proteins.

The JMBT welcomes the submission of manuscripts from academia and industry in the above areas of scientific significance. The journal publishes original research works that contribute significantly to further advancement of scientific knowledge. The journal offers a subscription-based publication model with optional open access. Papers will be published online as soon as accepted for publication.

For submission of the manuscripts, please use the online manuscript submission system. In case you have difficulty in submitting the manuscript online, please send your manuscript with a covering letter to the editorial office by e-mail at