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Innova Science is an international publisher of scientific research and scholarly works. Advancement in science requires collaborative research pursuits across the disciplines. The goal of Innova Science is to promote applied and interdisciplinary research and disseminate scientific results to a wider audience globally.

Innova Science offers an efficient and reliable publishing platform to foster communication among scientists, researchers, students and professionals from academia and industries to advance the boundaries of knowledge and learning across the globe. Its publications include peer-reviewed articles covering basic, applied and interdisciplinary areas of original scientific research. Innova Science is committed to serve the scientific community by prioritizing rapid publications, enhance visibility of scholarly works, and maintaining high standards of publication ethics and peer-review processes for publishing research results and to deliver quality services to our publishing partners and affiliates.

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Education involves two core principles that includes the creation of knowledge and the transmission of knowledge. The complexity of current societal, global, and scientific problems requires researchers to look beyond conventional approaches and to work in the interface of various disciplines to find a solution. Many significant advances in science and technology have emerged from combining various fields which were once thought to be unrelated. Current science warrants the need for applied and multidisciplinary research and collaborations. Innova Science aims at fostering an environment for knowledge based applied and interdisciplinary research to facilitate communication between researchers and community partners, to close the gap between academic research and industry and to provide a reliable and efficient platform for disseminating the advancement of science and technology to the public.

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